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There Are Tricks In The Pillow
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Sleep occupies 1/2 of the time, how to sleep well, pillows play an important role. Choose the pillow, height, length, comfort to choose.

Pillow height below shoulder to neck

The science of pillow height is determined according to the physiological curve of human neck 7 cervical arrangement, only to maintain the normal physiological curve of the bending, can cause the shoulder and neck muscles, ligaments, joints and joints in a relaxed state. Therefore, the pillow height should be slightly lower than the shoulder to the ipsilateral neck distance is appropriate.

The height of the pillow has a great impact on the quality of sleep. Chinese medicine believes that the effect of high pillow hepatic veins catharsis, pillow is too low will influence the dispersing lung qi. Modern research has shown that to hinder the blood circulation of the head, easy to form cerebral hypoxia, snoring and stiff neck. Cervical spine disease and hypertension, patients are not to not use; low pillow head caused by hyperemia, edema of eyelid and facial, not disease, heart disease, patients with asthma.

Pillow core is slightly elastic

The pillow should be soft material made of moderate hardness, slightly elastic pillow as well.

The pillow is too hard to make the head and neck contact with the pillow pressure, resulting in head discomfort; pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain the normal height of the pillow, head and neck can not get some support and fatigue.

The pillow can be turned over one by one

The choice of pillow, pillow length should be enough to sleep after a back position, the pillow should not be too wide, with 0.15~0.2m as good, too wide neck and neck muscles caused by passive joints, is not conducive to health.