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Sofa Cushion, So With A Better Look!
- Apr 25, 2017 -

When idle, many people love sitting on the sofa with pillows or cushions to play, although the look of little importance, but good collocation, can greatly enhance the living quality!

First, according to the sofa color selection

If your home is a light colored sofa, you may wish to buy a dark, neutral color, decorative combination of cushion! If the color sofa, you can choose the same color cushion, if the two color sofa, then choose a sofa with two colors of the cushion.

Second, according to the living room environment

In addition to determine the color of the sofa, but also according to the living room environment to determine a main tone, cushions and carpets can be determined with the main tone. How to determine the main color?

(1) decorative painting

If the decorative painting is black and white color, then, cushions and carpets can also use black and white geometric patterns to match

(2) Chandelier

If you have a personality chandelier, then according to the chandelier to choose the color of the cushion is perfect.

(3) carpet

If the carpet is well chosen, it can also be determined according to the color of the carpet.

(4) large decoration

In the living room, porcelain vase, sculpture and other small groups can be as large decoration, if according to the choice, cushion should be coordinated with the ornament color.