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Sofa And Cushion How Collocation Is More Beautiful?
- Apr 25, 2017 -

1, the cushion has a solid color, there are a variety of patterns embroidered. Choose sofa cushion, as long as their own mind to grasp a scale, you can choose their own. When the application of indoor color is rich, it is best to use a more uniform color, concise, elegant color and style. This will not make the indoor environment is messy. If the indoor environment is a single, then choose a sofa cushion and pillow is the color of the color contrast and strong impact, and even exaggerated patterns. This will be active indoor color.

2, the general market is relatively common sofa cushion size 400mm*400mm, 500mm*500mm, 600mm*600mm. This is the three most common, of course, there are other dimensions. General single sell sofa cushions have children, adults, hold and sit, the common size is 480mm*480mm and 450mm*450mm, as well as other dimensions, the size of the cushion shape more creative is not a good judge.

3, get the white paper on the fabric in hard rubbing, see above has not touched the white color, no touch that does not fade, and fade proof.

4, sofa cushion and pillow shape the best choice of square, round or oval, temporarily not recommended to irregular shape. At present, sofa cushion and pillow are generally factory mass production standard, if love other personality, you can follow the specified custom shape.

5, decorative fabric cushion material widely, such as cloth, brocade, cotton and nylon or linen can. Can also use plain cloth and other fabrics cut from their favorite or interesting patterns in the above image stitching, do it yourself, not only a good economic, decorative and strong.