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Share The Bone-Shaped Pillow With You Friends
- Jun 07, 2017 -

      Bone-shaped pillow makes a great companion for cuddle time - and comes in Memory Foam that match other accessories. It not only matches our Designer Pet Collection™ Rectangle Dog Bed, but it also coordinates with our Creature Comforts Bowls for a totally matching look.Bright poly/cotton fabrics, attractive accent binding, and crème berber boxing make this pillow a beautiful addition to any home.


      The Bone-shaped pillow is a perfect choice for chiropractic support while sleeping. It's super for proppin' up your noggin as you watch TV or read in bed... or finish a last minute term paper on your laptop. They're also great for supporting your neck while sleeping.Our charming little pillow has a unique shape that's conducive to comfortable sleep, whether in your bed, in the car, in a tent, or in a hotel.


      In fact, this project comes with a warning: once you make one and share it with friends and family, you'll be on the hook to make many, many more. Good thing you can finish one in under an hour.