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Memory Pillow On The Cervical Effect
- Apr 25, 2017 -

The pillow can not only well supporting the neck lordosis, but also can well accommodate the head occipital (back) kyphosis, because of backward protruding occipital skull, only in this way, the various tissues and organs would in a relaxed state of rest. Improper pillow, incorrect sleeping posture, may lead to cervical ligament, muscle tension is too large and accelerate the degeneration of the intervertebral joint and lead to functional disorder. Pillow shaped bamboo charcoal pillow Hongkong Shetland is used to support the neck curve, gentle, neck pillow pad, neither cervical flexion, lateral bending or not, maintain proper extension, the middle part is just to hold your head, not too much head back, or from snoring shallow sleep wake easily. In the use of cervical pillow Shetland whether it is the use of what kind of sleep posture, can maintain the body's natural body. Does not cause cervical spine bending deformation. Let you say goodbye to dizziness, insomnia, dreams, fatigue, cervical pain, so you have a healthy and comfortable sleep!