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Material Characteristics Of Memory Foam
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Material characteristics

1) thermal properties

Refers to the human body temperature induction, and gradually become soft, at the same time adjust the body to absorb human body pressure is the most comfortable position.And the part for below did not come into contact with the temperature, the remains fully support;

2) sticky elastic characteristics

Refers to the product compression and subsidence, but does not show the strong rebound (such as clay compression subsidence);When pressure is removed the product and will gradually restore to the original shape (such as spring recovery);

Will call for "slow rebound" sponge "" zero pressure, mean lying on it feels like floating on the water and/or the cloud, the skin without oppressive feeling;Is actually slow rebound material can be irregular shape of oppression to adjust to the equilibrium state, which can adapt to slow deformation oppression objects, and can provide the most uniform support.Human skin's blood circulation pressure to 36 MMHG, high-end memory cotton material (slow rebound to 10 seconds to 15 seconds) after each point of the pressure distribution of uniform, under the oppression is generally can be reduced to 36 MMHG, let a person feel the blood flow and doesn't seem to be local oppression, is not to say that there is no pressure on memory sponge.