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How To Choose Memory Pillow?
- Apr 25, 2017 -

1, rebound time

Many consumers believe that the longer the rebound is the better, this is a misunderstanding. Experts remind you that a good rebound time is about 3--5 seconds. Too short to slow rebound effect; too long will make the body stiff (think about if you turn over, it did not rebound for a long time).

Use stopwatch to measure the time to press the rebound, the time is better in 3-5s;

2, feel and temperature sensing feel

And the temperature and density of the pillow is mainly produced less mature technology factory (according to the environment by adding additives and different amount), very comfortable feel slow rebound sponge high-grade, pinch like dough feeling a little difference, slow rebound or feeling a little soft or stiff. At the same time, this kind of high-grade slow rebound has very good temperature induction, will change with the temperature and become soft and hard, put pressure on the hand can not see fingerprints.

3, manufacturing process

There are two kinds of manufacturing processes of slow rebound: cutting and molding. Cutting is bought ready-made slow rebound sponge, cut into the pillow like, because the molding is not by cutting die + additives, without adding other additives so even pure polyurethane material density best can do 100D. Is molded by adding additives with mold, foam, a series of processes such as die pressing, due to the addition of other additives, including foam, soft chemical additives, so the highest density increased to about 150D, feel good. Experts remind everyone that the life of pillows are unrelated to the technology.