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Extended U-shape Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Extended U-shape Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

The Extended U-shape Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow is suitable for adults and children.Provides superior sleep support and helps reduce neck pain

Slow spring back of memory foam, Effectively reduce 60% pressure of the human cervical spine ,it can effectively ease the pain of neck 

It is a good choice to use it when you travelling or in the office.


Quick Details

Product Type:PZ-U102A

Function: Improve sleeping, Traveling


Foam Weight:260g

Outer Covering:Short Floss Fabric

Color:Blue ,Gray ,Red,Purpur etc/Customized



Packing:1pc/pe bag,Carton outside.


IMG_6957-2 (2).jpgIMG_6973-2.jpg




*A variety of colors for you to choose, and can be customized according to your request. 

*Shaped in line with the human body scientific design,release the pressure of the neck and have more comfortable experience.

*Out covering can be washed and dry in the sun,the fabric is soft and comfortable. 

*High quality memory foam core ,soft ,comfortable, temperature sensitive slow reboud,long time no deformation, uniform orientation ,experience all kinds of backlog,long unabated. 

*Durable zipper ,easy to remove and clean the cover ,provides you healthier life.

Our guarantee 
1)Using environmental raw material. 
2)Never add french chalk in the product.(French chalk can reduce the cost, but the long-term use of it is harmful to human body.)

Our Company

▶High Quality Raw Material-International standard safety and quality inspection
▶Advanced Production Line-New technological and advanced production lines are impoving production efficiency and the quality of products
▶We have our own factory, we can control the quality of products and provide good service according to your needs.

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