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Cushion Lit Summer Living Room To Reflect The Vitality Of Color
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Back at home everywhere, pillows small, but its various colors, materials and other rich, different collocation mode can show different life style, small cushion collocation also is particularly pay attention, according to the overall environment to choose the color, unify the atmosphere of space.

Living room: the living room cushion should first consider the functional phase, collocation and sofa or chair style in the color, to highlight the characteristics of Home Furnishing, elegant and calm. The cushions on the living room sofa should make people sit comfortably and feel happy when they are reunited or entertaining. Cushion also need to combine with the surrounding accessories to achieve the unity of space style.

Card: card has strong function, and the seat cushion collocation must consider the deck of the small area in general, cushion should not be too large, grab the deck space. General card colors are mainly plain, so the overall color cushions and restaurant similar or more jumps are acceptable. The windows can cushion the background color and the background color space with relatively quiet space, so the color everywhere can moderate bright, complex pattern, and in addition to the carpet cushion against each other, and the wallpaper color also embraced each other, achieve the unity of space.

Bedroom: bedroom cushion is mainly put on the bed, decorative strong. As far as possible with the back cushion and the color is close to the bed, highlighting the theme of quiet bedroom, can be interspersed with some bright colors interspersed. If you use the same tone with the overall space, the cushion is not prominent, and the space is also dull single. As far as possible, the color of the cushion is similar to the color of the wallpaper or bedspread, or to adjust the degree of depth, not only to achieve the overall unity, but also more layers of color.