Orthopedic Neck Pillow

Orthopedic Neck Pillow

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Nameorthopedic neck pillowAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
ColorwhiteFilling inerMemory foamShapeU shape
Size 28*28*8CMBody partHeadUsuageHotel ,office ,home


RELIVE & RELAX: The memory foam ergonomic U-shape wraps will mold to your body's natural contours for a custom fit.

PREMIUM QUALITY, HYPOALLERGENIC – Premium cotton fabric cover and revolutionary microfiber support filling provides cool, comfortable support, while relieving neck, shoulder and back pain.
IDEAL FOR BACK SLEEPERS AND INDIVIDUALS WHO SHIFT FROM BACK TO SIDE SLEEPING – Gusseted edge design ensures stable side sleeper support and optimal back sleeper support. Our side sleeper and cervical neck pillow design allows you to effortlessly shift from back to side sleeping for a more restful sleep.
Proven contoured pillow design (Patent Pending) helps reduce neck pain and provides optimal cervical support that maintains the proper head, neck and spinal alignment while you sleep.
On a plane, train, car, bus or anywhere you need the extra support for your neck and shoulders ,it helps avoid the stress on your neck that can lead to neck pain and headaches. You will definitely like the soft and comfortable feel of this pillow.

It helps relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders due to prolonged sitting.The lobed design of the neck cushion allows you to relax in comfort or even sleep while sitting with support for your neck.

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