Office Neck Pillow

Office Neck Pillow

office neck pillow

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NameOffice Neck PillowAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
ColorRed ,purple,Blue ,BlackFilling inerMemory foamShapeU shape 
Size 30x31x9cmBody partNeckUsuageOffice, Car,home

FeaturesConforms to the shape of your neck naturally when you wrap it on your neck.
Ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and support for a normal neck length person.

Helps relieve neck pressure and muscle fatyigue due to long time sitting at work or flight

Can be folded into a small size pouch, convenient for carrying.

Made of thermo-sensitive memory foam Helps maintain proper head and neck alignment..

Cheap and fine, help you to achieve good night’s sleep.

1.Slow Spring Back

The best time of rebound is 3 to 5 seconds ,the memory foam is temperature-sensitive and it changes via the temperature changes ,every season this rebound will be different this is normal ,don’t worry about the usage.

2. Smell Issue

Memory foam is made of polyurethane materials .It smells slightly which won’t do any harm to people’s health after being tested by the International Testing Agency . The slight smell will disappear after a period of time. It will be much better to put the inner at cool and ventilated place for 2-3 hours every 2-3 weeks.


Memory foam pillow is moulded technically and foamed all at once .This is normal and acceptable when some bubbles generated because when moulding the sealed mould won’t completely remove the air in the mould.


The memory foam pillow inner can't be exposed in the sun !

The memory foam pillow inner can't be washed !   

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