Micro Gel Pillow

Micro Gel Pillow


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NameMicro Gel PillowAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
ColorBlueFilling inerMemory foamShapeRectangle
Size 50X30X10-7Body partHeadUsuageSummer

FeaturesGel memory foam is the latest breakthrough in memory foam technology.
Offers enhanced air flow design to keep heat away from the head and neck throughout the night
Provides the right amount of cradling and optimal support
Zero-Pressure Relieving Balance Provides pressure free feeling for your vertebra, scatte- rs all the pressure, relieves your neck and its mascle gr- oups, innovates your sleep and brings you a quicker deep sleep..
Intensified sustenance Tech Powerful tech provides higher intensified sustenance, sig- nificantly strengthening the support in pressed area and the material's unique awesome flexibility prevails all other kinds of memory foam.
Memory Foam, second skin of people,create the 3rd generation All-angle Butterfly Resilient Visco-elastic Neck Protecting Pillow.

1. Human cervical traction

Traction curve when their backs, head back end (hindbrain bit) itself was formed effective use of science,the central part of the product design hindbrain moderate traction grooves, cervical traction neck fit in sleep, while the repair of cervical traction. You will not notice any vacant sense your neck , when you wake up, the entire cervical spine will feel an unprecedented sense of comfort and relaxation.

2. Sleeping on their backs and positional stability curve

The height of the body and neck for support have different needs,When the backs of the head can not be lifted too high, likely to cause cervical deformation and shortness of breath caused by severe intermittent breathing stagnation.Therefore, we appropriately reduce the height of the middle part in the design, to ergonomic demands.When their backs, according to the width of the body of our head and neck and neck in the curves. Moderate heightening the ends of positional area.Makes the pillow can effectively support and fit enough to shoulder curve.To fill the gap collar.Low high on both sides of the middle curve design firm your sleeping position can also improve the depth of sleep, increase sleep time, sleep through the night is no longer a luxury.

3. Any part of the curve fitting neck and head back

Such as cervical vacant, will result in the relevant muscles can not relax,is the main reason for pain, sleep longer and you will be more pain cervical more tired.According to ergonomics and innovative neck fit curve,Scratch the face to the neck and then the shoulders have done an excellent fit and support, especially in the neck and shoulder strengthening careful design,You can clearly feel completely relaxed.

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