Sealy Posturepedic Gel Bed Pillow

Sealy Posturepedic Gel Bed Pillow

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NameSealy Posturepedic Gel Bed PillowAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
ColorBlueFilling inerMemory foamShapeRectangle
Size 60x40x10/12cmBody partHeadUsuageSummer


Golden radian support curve, ergonomic design, smart fitting neck

Gel pillow warm in winter and cool in summer.
It pulls moisture away from the skin so the skin stays considerably more dry and cool.
The active adaptation irregular roll position, the size is big, greatly reduces the neck stiffness the speed.
Absorb the neck pressure, fully support the neck, so that the human body quickly into a sleeping state.
The cover of  pillow is 3D breathable large mesh, can be the most direct feeling of the internal gel cold feeling..


Gel has reputation of "artificial skin" in the world, its unique touch feeling is more fabulous than other materials with anti-mite,anti-acarien,homothermicand high rebound characteristics, fantastic,cool and breathable, that can make people fall into sleep quickly .

1.Top layer of Cool Gel provides the ultimate in cooling comfort and added support, memory foam maintains support and comfort throughout the night. No need to adjust for comfort

2.Pillow molds to curves for pressure point relief and proper spinal alignment

3.Relieves neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax

4.Reduces tossing and turning throughout the night

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