Gel Bottom Cushion

Gel Bottom Cushion

Gel bottom cushion

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NameGel bottom cushion
Age groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
ColorBlueFilling inerpolyesterShapeRound shape
Height 47.0 cm * 36.0 cm * 7.0 Body partCulUsuageoffice,Home

FeaturesDissipates pressure while conforming to body contours.
Leather-like bottom cover reduces movement on chair. 
Full cover gel padding makes sitting on the cushions is a joyful experience.
Temperature- and pressure-sensitive, it molds to the body's contour, offering optimal comfort..
High-density memory cell foam was originally developed to relieve G-force strain during lift off. 
Our gel has a very high tensile strenght and is extremely durable .

Our Gel bottom cushion made of 100% premium quality and high-density memory foam with Ergonomically designed provide your back the much-desired support while sitting, the support received from seat cushions take away a lot of load from tailbones, reducing pressure on tailbone, also helps reduce the pain from tailbone injuries, hemorrhoids, pregnancy back pain, sciatica and other bad back spinal problem.

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