Contour Gel Pillow

Contour Gel Pillow

contour gel pillow

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NameContour gel pillowAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
Filling inerMemory foamShapeRectangle
Size66.5*41*12/10cmBody partHeadUsuageSummer

FeaturesHigh-density space memory cotton material, feel the beautiful zero pressure. Cool magic weapon in summer.
It pulls moisture away from the skin so the skin stays considerably more dry and cool.
Soft and comfortable, smooth and does not irritate the skin.
Unique mahjong design makes the surface of the pillow more uniform and soft, and the excellent corrugated design massages your cervical vertebra to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep every night;
Quickly and evenly disperse the heat of the human body, maintain the ventilation and dryness of the pillow, and effectively reduce the skin temperature of the human body by 1.5-2 °C .
Constant temperature gel, cool in winter and cool in summer, effectively isolate bacteria, protect the respiratory system, excellent viscoelasticity and softness, comparable to human skin;.

Memory foam surrounds a layer of Cool Gel material providing a cooling sensation during sleep, eliminating
the need to flip the pillow to find a cool side. Cool Gel technology naturally drives heat away from the body.
The Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow responds to temperature and pressure to mold to your shape by creating

the perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders.

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