Multi-use Memory Foam Leg Pillow

Multi-use Memory Foam Leg Pillow

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Product Details
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NameMulti-use Memory Foam Leg PillowAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
Colorwhite ,Grey ,BlueFilling inerMemory foamShapeBone shape
Size 254x170x180mm
Body partNekUsuageoffice ,Plane

FeaturesBest ergonomic memory foam knee pillow for sleeping. Conforms to your legs instantly and helps promote spinal alignment.
Relieves back, hip, knee, and ankle pain when used the proper way. Simply place between your thighs or below your knees to help with your specific pain
Fits comfortably between your knees. The leg pillows cover can be removed for easy washing.
Place the pillow between your knees or legs while side sleeping, use it to elevate your feet, knees or calves or place it under your waist for extra support.

This knee pillow is made from high quality antibacterial memory foam materials for a better adaptability to the shape of your body

ZIPPABLE COVER: the grey super soft plush cover has a zippable system for an easy maintenance and care of the knee pillow. Remove it to wash it; the cover can be machine washed.

for a better and more comfortable use, this body pillow has an elastic strap to ensure that it remains in a good position during your sleep.

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