Best Pillow For 4 Year Old

Best Pillow For 4 Year Old

best pillow for 4 year old

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NameBest Pillow For 4 Year OldAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
ColorBeigeFilling inerMemory foamShapeRectangle
Size 30x50cmBody partHeadUsuageOffice, Car,home

FeaturesAbsorb moisture and increase airflow for ultimate comfort.
Adorable, smooth, lightweight, breathable, anti skid, machine washable
Protects the round shape of your baby's soft head, Prevents Flat Head Syndrome.
Protect the round shape of your baby's soft head, prevent flat head syndrome.
Not too fluffy, not too flat! This pillow for kids holds it's shape over time and, of course, it is washable!.
Reduces tossing and turning throughout the night, retains shape for continued support.

1. Relieves pressure:

With open-cell structure, the air between cell will flow when the pillow oppressed by external pressure, so that the stress can be evenly dispersed throughout the whole contact surface, thus makes you feel like floating on the water or air.

2. Temperature sensitive/ Automatic deformation:

It can automatically deform according to your body temperature, when fervescence, its elastic will increase, when your body temperature dropping, the pillow will adjust its softness. With this feature, using the pillow can make your head and neck stable and reduce the possibility of stiffness as well as can prevent cervical vertebra problems effectively.

3. Anti-bacterial and anti-mite:

Slow rebound memory foam can inhibit the growth of fungi, and repel the stimulating odor. This feature will appear more prominent when there is sweat or saliva during sleeping.

4. Air permeability and moisture absorption:

Memory foam is made of polyurethane cell, each cell is interconnected between the unit, , when it is oppressed by external pressure, the air between cell will flow, so has excellent moisture absorption and breathable property.


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