Air Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Air Cool Memory Foam Pillow

air cool memory foam pillow

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NameAir Cool Memory Foam PillowAge groupAdultsSampleAvaiable
ColorwhiteFilling inerMemory foamShaperectangle
Size50*30*10cmBody partBackUsuageOffice,Travel ,hotel

FeaturesWith waterproof storage bag, tarpaulin material, fast and easy to dry.
Anti-sweat cloth inner sleeve, anti-sweat fabric, layer protection, fresh and no sweat.
Quality memory foam cushioning for better neck support.
Reduces tossing and turning throughout the night, retains shape for continued support.
Cotton-comfort covering. With invisible zipper so it is removable and machine washable.
Relieves pressure and helps prevent headaches and neck pain. The best choice for those who suffer from cervical spondylosis.

Sleep is more important than you think. We spend a third of our lives doing it – and a lack of restful sleep has been proven to contribute to various conditions, from aches to bad posture and adverse mental effects such as stress and anxiety. A good Memory Foam Pillow can work wonders, but with so many options on the market, if you want to know more about it ,contact me at

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