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Which types of pillows help relieve back pain?
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Which types of pillows help relieve back pain?

Different types of pillows will aid you in remaining pain-free persistently. We listed them here for you to make an informed choice:

Curved Feather pillows: This is the most common type of pillow that most folks use. Feather pillows are goodTop 10 Best Pillows For BackPain in 2018 unless they are they too fluffy. They may end up raising your head above the equilibrium position. This creates a dull pain in the lower back. Or your head may sink too low and create a strain at your neck.

Memory Foam pillows: These pillows are usually firmer than the feather pillows. The best ones are capable of providing enough support without feeling too hard. Most orthopedic pillows usually lie in this category. After lying on it for some time, the pillow adapts to the shape of your head and becomes more comfortable.

Lumbar Pillows: These are pillows made of memory foam that go under the back and support it while sleeping. They are either wedge-shaped or curved at the top. They make contact with the lower back and hoist it up without any effort on your part.
Knee Pillows: There are pillows with concave cutouts where your knees can fit. You place them between the knees. This helps lower the force on the lower back for supporting the torso. This method of pain alleviation has been recommended by specialist doctors.

Lumbar Cushions: These are not sleeping pillows. These are meant to rest behind the back when you sit on the chair or lean against the wall. They fit the curve of the lower back and take the strain off of it to stay upright.
Cylindrical Pillows: There are pillows shaped like a cylinder. These are made of foam, shredded foam or beans. They go under the curve of the neck or the knees to relieve the pain in your back.

Body Pillows: There are full-body pillows which roughly remind us of a bagel. They support your back, head, knee, i.e. all possible parts. These are especially useful to pregnant women and even people with chronic back pain.
In the best pillows for back pain list, we have covered the feather pillows and memory foam pillows. These are fairly common and easily available. And they can be used under your head while sleeping.

Which are the best pillows for back pain?

We checked out a whole slew of pillows to see which ones fare better in a fight(literally). But most importantly weTop 10 Best Pillows For BackPain in 2018looked at prominent features that help keep back pain at bay. They were selected based on:
Support: We checked the firmness of the pillow against the comfort it provides. It should be firm enough that the head doesn’t sink into the pillow. This way the spine stays aligned in a straight line. The best pillows for back pain help you rest your back more neutrally.

Comfort: We picked firm pillows. But they should not be so hard that it makes you uncomfortable at night. We ensured we picked the best pillows for back pain such that they make a soft contact with your face. And that they don’t carry any permanent foul order or an allergen agent.

Shape: The best pillows for back pain come in different shapes. Apart from the normal curved and flat foam pillows, we have included contoured pillows of different shapes. Some of them have an indent that helps keep your head staring up and encourage sleeping on your back.

Features: The best pillows for back pain offer a number of other features like complimentary pillow case, Bamboo covers, double-sided contours, set of two etc..

Price: We picked the best pillows for back pain from a wide range of prices. We compared them based on their value for money. Whatever your budget is, we want you to get the best for your money.

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