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What Features Should I Look for?
- Aug 20, 2018 -

If you’ve had a quick search online you’ll discover that there are many different types of neck pillows. The top features can be narrowed down into three different categories.

Different Shapes. Travel pillows can come in a few different shapes. The U shaped ones are common to find, but there are also J shapes. The U shape keeps the head from moving to either side. The J shape can also prevent forward head movement. There are also basic rectangular neck pillows.

Filling Type. This is what fills up your travel pillow. There are your basic pillows that you blow up with air. Polyester fibre and memory foam are two other options. The memory foam can conform to the shape of your head, then bounce back into shape when you’ve finished using it. Polyester fibre is easily washable in the machine and is often more affordable and lighter than memory foam.

Size & Weight. You’ll notice how you have many options for the size of your travel pillows. There simply are no standards, so you can choose based on your body size. Weight directly correlates to size, and you must consider how simple it will be to pack in your luggage. But too small of a pillow, and it may not provide you enough comfort on your trip.