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Ultimate Travel Pillow and Neck Pillow
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Travelrest — Ultimate Travel Pillow and Neck Pillow

Travel Pillow:Neck Pillow.jpgTravel Pillow:Neck Pillow.jpg

Features :

Long J-shape.

Soft medium-blue fabric.

Keeps your head from tilting forward.

Rolls up small with snap closure.

Provides full lateral support.

The Travelrest pillow provides the full lateral support in its length that other travel pillows don’t. Not only does it help you to keep your head in alignment, but it keeps your head from falling forward. This is an inflatable pillow that fills up with only a few breaths. It can also deflate easily and be rolled up small for simple stowage in your carry-on luggage.

This pillow will assist you in resting, and even help you to get to sleep on the plane.

If you’re a side sleeper, it will be perfect to provide the ergonomic design to make you feel comfortable. You also have the option of using it sitting up straight in your seat. You can wear it like a messenger bag, or tether it to your airline’s seat. It can loop around your headrest too. It’s adjustable to whatever way you wish to place it.

This pillow will also assist chronic pain sufferers in providing additional comfort while in transit, and can be used by both adults and children. The Travelrest pillow is also fully washable after your travels, as airplane germs can be a concern for many travellers. You can even purchase an optional cover which will increase your comfort on the plane and make hygiene simpler.