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U -shaped travel pillows
- Oct 12, 2018 -

U-shaped neck pillow, also known as inflatable travel pillow, is designed according to the neck engineering. The material is a slow-rebound material with thermal sensation. It provides the most average, soft and real support of the head and neck. It can provide the natural head and neck. Stretching state, does not hinder blood circulation, avoid neck and shoulder pain caused by nap, multiple uses, health and comfort, and has obvious preventive and preventive effects on cervical diseases.

office nap pillow

Physiological studies have shown that human brain cells turn into a state of inhibition after 4-5 hours of excitement. Especially for long-distance travellers, it is easy to get tired after a bump, and it is easy to doze off for a long time. Almost all passengers on the hard and long-distance trains will encounter a common problem - sleep is difficult, there is nothing on the head and neck, sleeping on the back of the seat, easy to slip, long neck pain, extremely uncomfortable U-shaped pillow is an inflatable pillow specially designed for the rest of the car according to the principle of ergonomics. The air-filled sleeve is placed on the neck and rests on the back of the chair to relieve the pressure. It can also sleep on the table to avoid the arm. The eyeballs and facial nerves are compressed and can also be used to lie down and rest. The fluid in the inflatable pillow allows the person to be in a natural state to achieve optimal adjustment of the body function.

best office neck pillow

1. U-shaped pillow is suitable for daily office and leisure use (such as: computer operation, watching TV and long-distance travel, etc.), the daily office head and neck remain fixed for a long time, it is easy to cause spine strain, U-shaped pillow can effectively prevent spinal strain.

2. U-shaped pillows are a good choice for drivers who are suitable for long-distance driving. It can adjust the driver's head by 15-20 degrees, avoiding the compression of the jugular vein, reducing fatigue and facilitating safe driving.

3. U-shaped pillow is characterized by beautiful appearance and detachable cleaning.

4. U-shaped pillows can also be used for office cushions and naps.

5. Long-term use can protect the health of the cervical spine.

office chair neck support

You can also use the U-shaped pillow as a piece of furniture. You can enjoy it when you watch TV, play with your child, read a book, or just rest. Cross the ends of the U-shaped pillow, or bend it to support the back, head and neck. Because it is so flexible, you have a variety of postures to meet your body's needs. U-shaped pillows are perfect for everyone in your home, offering the most comfortable support regardless of height and weight. The U-shaped pillow can be completely machine-washed and anti-allergic. The pillowcase is available in addition to its own white, blue, light yellow, and gray.

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