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The Best Pillows To Keep You Cool
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Hot nights are great for sitting outside and roasting marshmallows, but they can be a buzzkill when it comes time to sleep. Whether you live in a super humid part of the world or are just a naturally hot sleeper, you need one of the best pillows to keep you cool. Warning: They're going to change sleep as you know it.

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Traditional pillows have no way of ventilating body heat and actually wind up trapping it, making you even more sweaty and hot. Cooling pillows, however, do the exact opposite. Ideally made with moisture-wicking materials (like breathable bamboo), they're designed to create constant air circulation around you so that you don't get stuck to your pillow or overheat. Adjustable memory foam pillows are also frequently dubbed "cooling," as they move with you but always spring back into shape. And if a pillow has cooling gel or additional ventilation? Expect great things.

If you're ready to purchase your new favorite pillow, keep reading for a list of the best, most airy options for varying sleep styles including cool pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, and often-overlooked stomach sleepers. Getting rest is so much easier when you're not sweating all night long, you'll see!

1The Best Affordable Cooling Pillow

Bamboo is a popular cooling material for a reason, and this adjustable, 100 percent shredded memory foam pillow with more than 1,000 five-star reviews features a cover crafted with the lightweight fabric. With solid head support and a comfortable loft that cradles the head and neck, it's a great option for anyone seeking optimal airflow as they snooze. The best part is this hypoallergenic pillow is fully machine-washable — you can even put it in the dryer — and won't lose its shape or softness over time.

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2The Best Splurge-Worthy Cooling Pillow For All Sleep Positions

In addition to its cooling properties from bamboo — seriously, it's everywhere — this certified memory foam pillow is extra customizable. You can actually add or remove shredded foam to suit your sleeping style, which justifies its higher $60 price point. Like most bamboo-based pillows, this one's hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. And if 15,000 glowing reviews from happy Amazon customers aren't enough to convince you to splurge on the machine-washable pillow, at least know this: It comes with a five-year warranty guaranteeing it won't flatten out.

3The Best Ventilated Pillow For Side And Back Sleepers

Gel-infused memory foam and a performance knit cover ensure this gusseted pillow maximizes ventilation and prevents sweating — i.e. keeps you cool for long periods of time. Featuring a medium-sized loft for comfort in multiple sleep positions (especially side and back), you'll want something like this hypoallergenic-yet-plush pillow if you tend to toss and turn at night. Bonus? It can be used with or without pillow cases and its cover is machine washable.