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Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

When it comes to spine health, memory foam pillows are golden. The Sleep Innovations Cool Contour memory foam Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow provides two shades of neck support which helps keep your back out of any soup. The therapeutic design of this pillow is widely lauded for relieving neck and upper back pain. It is one of those memory foam pillows that feel comfortable in spite of its supportive firmness. The quality design ears it a high spot on the best pillows for back pain list.
Design and Features
The Sleep Innovations Cool Contour memory foam pillow has a double contour design. It is a rectangular piece with two ‘waves’ on two edges. One edge has a shorter wave and the other side has a higher wave. People with smaller neck curve should use the former and those with longer necks should use the latter. It is available in Queen and standard sizes. This is made of memory foam made in the USA.
The Sleep Innovations pillow is not one continuous piece of foam. It is two pieces fused together. One part helps keep your head cool throughout the night. It allows proper ventilation even when you lie on your stomach. The other part is the curved memory foam where you place your head. It comes with a soft removable microfiber cover. You can wash this cover separately. This pillow for back pain is hypoallergenic. You can safely place your face on its soft surface. You cannot machine-wash it. But it can be spot-cleaned if you notice any blemish on it.
We didn’t notice any strong chemical odor from this memory foam pillow in the first use. Given the material, it holds its form even with continuous use. But we are a little concerned about the way the two pieces of foam are stuck together. This is a weak link in the durability of the design. But when bought from trusted sellers, this pillow seems to hold up well. Price-wise, it lies in the moderate range. If it lasts through your serial abuse, it performs as well as pillows thrice its cost on all other aspects.
Memory foam pillows offer the best support for neck and upper back. But you need to get used to their firmness compared to regular feather pillows. Once you spend 3-4 days sleeping on the Sleep Innovations Cool Contour pillow for back pain, you will find your neck doesn’t get stiff after a full night’s sleep. Use the contours smartly based on the neck length. Properly-rested neck eases the stress on your upper and lower back.


• Memory foam pillow
• Cool Contour layer to improve ventilation
• No chemical odor
• Two-sided contour for different neck lengths
• Reasonably-priced


Customization process requires time in transport

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