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Six supernatural sleeping space memory pillow
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Memory pillow, from space technology!

In the 60s of the last century, the U.S. space agency has successfully developed the memory of cotton, and to protect the spine of astronauts, air pressure relief to play an important role.

After entering twenty-first Century, the memory of cotton into the lives of ordinary consumers. Among them, the most popular is the memory pillow. Memory pillow according to the design principle of human body engineering, waterproof, breathable, health, environmental protection, shock pressure, fixed head, cervical vertebra protection, and inhibit the growth of fungi, long-term use can help to improve sleep, improve the quality of life.

Consumers how to choose? Natural sleep is the key!

Jefferson, a senior health expert, said, "whether or not to return to sleep is the most important measure of the quality of a pillow." And this is exactly what the user wants to get the memory pillow to buy the user experience.

"Often work overtime, work pressure, but also insomnia, long-term in a state of exhaustion, and now need a good memory pillow, to improve the quality of my sleep." In the enterprise as a middle-level cadres Wang bluntly said.

How to do natural sleep? Six Super security, three steps in place!

Six the supernatural sleep space memory pillow, using a unique curve design, to create a full range of micro breathing window, realize "six core functions of soft, comfortable, breathable, durable, protective and refreshing".

Six sleep supernatural memory pillow project engineer said, "We after nearly 1000 experiments, and constantly improve the details, such as the rebound velocity of this one, on the market some pillow is 2 seconds, there may be 10 seconds, but these are not the best speed, we will according to the deformation degree of the pillow will control in time 3-5 seconds, which is behind the efforts of countless engineers."

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