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Pillow for a long time to throw away the yellow can actually save it
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Many friends may find such a situation, is the white pillow, buy back in a short time, it has yellow, looks really ugly, a lot of friends or throw it out, or will continue to use. Pillow hair is usually yellow, which means that it may be filled with mites and mold, if not treated in time, will continue to affect our health.

In fact, we only need a simple use of a small thing, you can easily get rid of yellow, this is baking soda. Look at the comparison of the two charts, is not very magical? In fact, a lot of small secrets of life, we just need to master some of the coup, you can easily solve a lot of trouble, we continue to look at:

First of all, we take a look at the pillow, which is not written in the label can be machine washable, most of them are no problem, after the pillow cover removed, put the pillow into the washing machine, add half of the hot water

Then add detergent, baking soda, a small amount of detergent, and soak for a few minutes.

For a few minutes, then add some hot water, you can start cleaning and washing machine, if some big long pillow, plug without washing machine, so we can only hand wash, the formula is the same, when hand washing is to use hot water.

After about ten minutes to wash the first suspension, the pillow flip over, and then wash for ten minutes, and then dehydration, drying is completed.

After washing, it is recommended to put on the balcony so that the sun exposure, so that the pillow is more dry and can also be disinfected, sleep at night will be particularly fragrant, after the sun can beat the pillow, so it is more fluffy.

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