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Does memory pillow and cervical vertebra pillow really have effect on cervical spondylosis?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Sleeping time accounts for 1/3 of life. Therefore, the pillow has great influence on sleep and cervical spondylosis. 1) The shape of the pillow should conform to the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, butterfly-shaped and wave-shaped pillow, can be in line with the curvature of the back of the neck, provide strong support for the neck, relieve the pressure of the cervical spine, and ensure a comfortable sleep.

2) The height of the pillow is too low, the neck is in the state of excessive stretching when sleeping on the back, and the muscle and ligament of the cervical vertebra are strained for a long time, which may induce intervertebral disc herniation and bone hyperplasia; the pillow is too high, the neck is excessively flexed when sleeping on the back, the muscles and ligaments behind the neck are tense and easy to fatigue. Too high and too low can lead to increased spinal cord pressure. Generally speaking, the pillow height is about the same height as the fist when sleeping on the back, and the pillow height should be the width of one shoulder when sleeping on the side. These two different heights can ensure the normal curvature of the cervical vertebra when lying on the back and on the side.

3) The pillow core should have a certain degree of hardness and air permeability, can be used buckwheat husk, rice husk, mung bean husk and other breathable materials as pillow core, can also be placed in the pillow core of some drugs or magnetic tablets to play a synergistic role of drugs and magnetic therapy.

4) The position of the pillow should be placed under the pillow to the concave part of the neck, fully fill the space behind the neck (when lying on the back) or face to shoulder (when lying on the side). If the pillow is placed on the most prominent part of the back of the pillow, so that the neck is suspended, will make the neck in a load-bearing, pulled state, more likely to cause fatigue around the cervical spine tissue. I also welcome you and me to carry out cervical health communication.