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Matters needing attention in vertebral disease operation
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Modern people's fast-paced life has brought them a lot of trouble, such as office workers are the most vulnerable to vertebral disease. Many people do not pay attention to the hospital until serious illness, or surgical treatment. The following is a patient's experience. What should we pay attention to when performing vertebral column surgery?


1. Preoperative decubitus should be done to suit the lying position.

2, use urinal on the training bed, so as not to get rid of the habit of excreting urine after surgery.

3. Complete the relevant test items, understand the purpose, effect and possible situation of the operation, as well as treatment and nursing cooperation.


1. Turn over every 2 hours after operation (with the help of doctors and nurses in the early stage). Turn over is to keep the head and neck in a straight line and the spine can not be twisted. Alternate supine position and lateral position.

2. Postoperative pillow height should be appropriate, supine should not be too high, lateral lying pillow can be slightly higher, so that the neck and trunk to maintain a straight line, without deviating to one side.

3. When numbness, pain symptoms aggravate or sensory loss of limbs and urinary incontinence occur after operation, timely report to medical staff.

4. Exercise of limb muscle strength and joint activity, such as clenching, loosening, ankle pump, quadriceps femoris and so on, were performed 1-2 weeks after operation.

5. The neck should be fixed around the neck when leaving the bed, and avoid neck rotation.

6, give the neck circumference for 2~4 weeks or follow the doctor's advice. When you are in bed, you can take out the neck girth.

7. Strengthen cervical functional exercises, such as forward flexion, backward extension, left and right lateral flexion, left and right rotation, to enhance the muscle strength of the neck.

8. Prevent accidental injuries, such as excessive neck flexion, excessive rotation, overload of the neck and severe head and neck shaking

9. Follow the doctor's advice regularly. Surgical treatment requires hospitalization, high cost, and the most important hospitalization is very uncomfortable. Or in daily life, attention to maintenance to prevent the occurrence of stiff vertebral disease is the best. Our memory pillow is specially designed for office workers, which is very effective in preventing stiff vertebral disease. But the most important thing is to strengthen physical training.