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Maintenance of gel memory pillow
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The traditional method of pillow maintenance is not introduced, because the design of the structure is not in line with human design. Long-term use will only cause damage to people's cervical vertebrae. The main maintenance method is to clean the pillow coat often and often expose the pillow to the pillow. Drying in the sun;

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For the cervical vertebra health care pillow or memory health pillow used by modern people, it is also a common pillow that is most suitable for humanized design. In order to distinguish the difference, I decided to write the material to prevent different types of health pillows. Also in this way, the maintenance methods for different types of health pillows are similar, for reference by friends.

Pillow material: warm memory cotton, slow rebound memory cotton, space pillow;

Maintenance method: use a vacuum cleaner to clean the pillow core dust every month or gently tap the pillow core by hand;

Cleaning method: remove the pillowcase and the inner sleeve, and the pillow core is not washable;

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Matters needing attention: the pillow core can not be exposed to the sun like a normal pillow or put into the washing machine to clean, sun or water wash will destroy the structure of natural latex pillow, memory cotton, its service life is greatly shortened. Exposure causes the memory cotton material to age and yellow, and the water wash makes the memory cotton become very heavy, and the water in the pillow cannot be drained.

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The maintenance of the gel memory pillow is mainly the maintenance of the pillow core and the pillowcase, because the gel memory pillow is essentially different from the ordinary pillow, so the conventional maintenance method cannot be used.

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