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Maintenance method of gel pillow
- Jan 12, 2018 -

The gel is a solid in the liquid, and it has a special touch. Gel made with gel, it has a lot of benefits, such as air, temperature, insect proof and so on. It is often said that the gel pillow is a "artificial skin", which is because the gel properties of the gel pillow are very similar to the skin of the human body. And the gel is widely made into a variety of gel pillows with its good body fitting and skin affinity. The use of gel pillow is not only comfortable, but also has good health care function, especially for elderly people who don't sleep well. Choosing a gel pillow is a good choice.

The maintenance method of the gel pillow is different from that of the traditional pillow. The traditional pillow in the maintenance and cleaning is often cleaning the pillow coat, often drying. And the maintenance of the pillow is mainly the maintenance of the pillow and pillow cases. Gel is easy to dust. When our household gel pillow takes up ash or needs cleaning after a long time, we must never wash it with water, because the gel pillow washed with water will destroy its specific material properties. When we clean the gel pillow, we can choose to wipe it gently with wet cloth, so that we can not only clean the gel pillow, but also protect it from damage. The gel pillow is so precious that you must be careful when cleaning.

Many times, when we are sleeping, there will be different pressures that will affect my rest. But because of its special material, gel pillow will not only have no side effects, but also help us relieve stress and improve sleep quality.


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