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Latex pillow PK memory pillow who is your best sleeping partner?
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Latex pillow and memory pillow you will choose?

Live in the water of Datang Xishi family member courtyard aunt Lin, more than and 50 years old this year, over the years has been sleep is not practical, but she used the latex pillow from China daily order this spring, have more comfortable sleep at night. So I ordered three more people. Compared with before I use the memory of the cotton pillow, comfort is better, cost-effective, it is worth buying." Aunt Lin said.

It is understood that a good quality latex pillow can not deformation for 15 years, and the memory of the pillow in 2~5 years, often sleep position will not rebound phenomenon. The life of the main memory pillow and whether it is pure polyurethane material, and whether it is high-grade imported polyurethane, if imported pure polyurethane material, should not deform in more than 5 years, but if it is to increase the density and weight added talcum powder as raw materials, the pillow of poor quality, usually only 1~2 years, and is not conducive to health.

In general, the price is proportional to the quality, although the market has a few tens of billions of memory pillow, but its quality and performance are not guaranteed, serious may also be harmful to health. And a good latex pillow is not only comfortable to use, longer service life. So, in the case of the economy, as far as possible to choose high-quality latex pillow.

The sales of natural latex pillow resilience, according to their weight, sleep posture to give the best support, because of the use of relief from improper pillow cervical soreness, fatigue, on the neck, cervical vertebra can play a good protective effect, has good effect on cervical pain relief.

Wang Wang, a retired veteran cadres call hotline: I read the daily newspaper, has seen more than ten years. This time to buy a pillow, that is, we believe that the quality of the newspaper's quality control."

Wrong selection of the neck may lead to acid swelling

Choose the right pillow, it seems to relax in bed rest, in fact, all the organs and tissues of the neck is also difficult to relax in a natural state. Data show that global 1/4 insomnia is caused by uncomfortable pillows. While the neck swelling, pain, weakness and discomfort after waking up is the homely food, there is more likely to fall in the root cause of cervical spondylosis.

The design of fine latex pillow, on the human head, shoulder parts of the different requirements of the effort to provide accurate support for the corresponding, so that the pressure balance of the human spine, so that the body can be fully stretched bones. At the same time, natural latex foam and can maintain fine elasticity, not easy to collapse in the long-term use, and stable performance, can meet the needs of different weight groups, especially for pregnant women, the elderly, children, and help patients with lumbar pain have excellent.

How to maintain latex pillow? Cool disposal

Latex pillow of good elasticity, not easy deformation, strong support. According to the research, for developing bones of children, latex pillow can change the head shape, and the dust will not trigger respiratory allergies and fiber allergy source, some latex pillow also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and massage. Next, we sent 4 latex pillow maintenance skills:

1 more than one shot: latex pillow because of its natural anti-bacterial anti mite function, not easy to breed mites bacteria, but because there are more breathable holes, easy to enter the dust particles, it is recommended to use a period of time after a shot at the ventilation.

2 manual hand washing: latex pillow surface, such as stains, should be hand washed or scrub (avoid using chemical detergent). Hand wash, to squeeze the way, after washing, dry towel or other absorbent materials, with both hands dry, then air dry naturally.

3 like shade: latex is a liquid, the foam and become solid, direct sunlight exposure to reduce its life, and even yellow powder.

4 the use of pillow cases: even the smooth skin of the baby should not be directly used latex pillow, it is recommended to use pillow cases, so easy to maintain care pillow.

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