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J-Pillow Travel Pillow — Head, Chin and Neck Support
- Aug 19, 2018 -

J-Pillow Travel Pillow — Head, Chin and Neck Support

J-pillow Travel Pillow.jpg

Features :

Unique J-shape.

Dark blue soft outer fabric.

4 different support points.

Squeezes up into round ball for packing.

Number one selling travel pillow in UK, Germany, and Japan.

The J-Pillow travel pillow provides all the benefits of U and J-shaped pillows. You can move the pillow to where it will provide most comfort for your head and neck. There are four soft points to support your head: a padded portion for the back of your head, a padded section for the side of your head, a neck support, and a chin support. The pillow has been designed to help the traveller to sleep on cramped planes, buses, trains, or vehicles.

There is a snap-loop fastener which helps to roll up the pillow into a ball so you can tuck it into your hand luggage. The entire pillow can also be tossed into the washing machine at the end of your travels, and can be tumble dried on low heat in your dryer.

The J-Pillow has over 10,000 genuine and favourable product reviews online, and is one of the top travel pillow products today. This pillow has even won an award for being a winner of the British Invention of the Year 2013. This pillow can even be used to provide comfort at home, such as when watching late night movies.