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INKIVY geometric cushion design inspiration from 1950s
- Apr 25, 2017 -

1950s was the golden age of North American design. Hit American drama "Mad Men", the story will be set in the background of the New York Madison street. The play of the hit also caused the public to explore the scene of curiosity. Literature, fashion, modern became the most definition of the scene of the play, and the word Mid-century Modern has become a popular label.

Abstract cotton embroidered cushion cover geometric chains, bright but steady neutral color, it is from the time the trend extends to the color, color and contrast between the rich, RETRO art to reproduce in Home Furnishing above.

Asymmetric geometry, play Abstract Art

In the pattern, the traditional geometric patterns are symmetrical, in order to achieve a visual balance.

In this design, the INK+IVY designer will block surface deconstruction, in the face of a strong geometric ratio, with a similar color of the earth and the combination of bold and harmonious. Asymmetric, abstract geometric patterns, in the balance of the design does not appear messy, but to increase the indoor space more fun.

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