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How to solve the smell problem of memory pillow?
- Sep 16, 2018 -

Just made out of memory cotton products, more or less will have a little body odor, whether it is harmful can dissipate, hundred industry tells you.

Memory pillow, also known as polyurethane, is an open cell structure with the characteristics of temperature and pressure relief. Choose an auxiliary agent that has been tested by an authority and is harmless to the human body. This auxiliary agent has a slight odor. This polyurethane pillow core has some odor when the new product is offline.

As a result of the new product offline, the logistics warehouse may store a certain amount of polyurethane gas, in a time can not quickly dissipate, it is recommended to open the package found odor, placed in a cool passage of 3-5 days, odor can be reduced, please rest assured that this odor is not harmful to anyone.