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Which aspects to identify the high-grade slow rebound memory cotton material?
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Have you passed the security check?

Slow rebound materials, chemical substances, from the chemical composition has a certain degree of harmfulness, so production must control its safety indicators, slow rebound toxic and harmful substances volatilization is full play, to see whether a pillow is appropriate, to see whether his safety testing indicators pass? Detection of slow rebound products includes detection of toxic and harmful substances and pure materials.


Density is one of the basic indicators of high-grade slow-rebound materials. In general, the density of polyurethane can reach 70-150D in molding process and 40-100D in cutting process. Due to the technical bottleneck and equipment differences, the density of polyurethane produced in China is generally lower than 100D, while the density of polyurethane produced abroad can reach 150 D, followed by even the phase. The same density products will also be very different, mainly due to the different formula, process and raw materials, that is, high-grade slow-rebound material must be high-density, but only high-density is not necessarily high-grade material. The density of really good memory materials is above 150 kg / cubic meter. Ordinary memory sponge density is usually only about 40-50 kg / cubic meter. High-grade slow-rebound materials must be high-density, but only high-density materials are not necessarily high-grade materials, must be able to maintain air permeability and fit the characteristics of the human body, the United States HEALTHMAN and GOLDBONES and Denmark TEMPUR product density between 120D and 150D, in this regard is particularly prominent.

Rebound time

Some domestic memory pillow manufacturers mislead consumers to say that 3-5 seconds is the best rebound time of memory pillow. In fact, the rebound time of memory pillow of the three international brands is far more than 5 seconds. The rebound time of domestic memory cotton (or sponge with chemical additives) is about 3-5 seconds. The service life is very short, and finally give up. Imported memory cotton (HEALTHMAN, GOLDBONES and TEMPUR, Denmark, for example) has a rebound time of more than 10 seconds, and only the weight of a feather can maintain its present shape after shaping. Professional terminology calls the gravity required to maintain the shape the ability to maintain shaping. From this point of view, domestic materials can relieve some of the bone pressure. The imported materials can even release the pressure on the blood vessels and make people feel comfortable.

Pillow accessories - Pillowcase

It is noteworthy that the general production of regular manufacturers of memory pillow products each pillow core are equipped with two pillowcases for replacement. There are few memory pillow pillows available for sale on the market. If there is only one memory pillow pillow provided by businesses, it may be produced by informal manufacturers. Moreover, as the production process of pillow core is more complex, if the selling price is significantly lower than other similar products, consumers should pay attention to whether the product is memory cotton material.

manufacturing process

There are two manufacturing processes for slow springback: cutting and molding. Cutting is the slow-rebound sponge that you buy, cut into pillows, because the molding is done by cutting, not by mold + additives, without adding other additives, so even the pure density can only be 40D-70D. The mold is made by adding auxiliaries, foaming, mold pressing and a series of processes, due to the addition of other auxiliaries, including foaming, softening and other chemical auxiliaries, so the density increased to about 70D-90D, feel good, pillow life has nothing to do with the process.

Feel and temperature induction

Temperature is the temperature of the human body, the memory pillow with a strong sense of temperature will harden at low temperatures, when the temperature is close to 37 degrees when it becomes soft, so that the human body and pillow contact surface more closely to the body, non-contact surface to maintain the hardness of the body. The three memory pillow brands all maintain good thermo-sensitive performance, hand can be seen without pressure.