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Harbor House cushions hug in the bosom of the Shu
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Cushion rich colors and patterns in the living room, bedroom or other space, let a person shine. Harbor House a variety of style cushions, a group with a single or appear, can mobilize the living room soft, comfortable pressure temperament.

Plain cushion, call started this taste

Pure color and soft fabric to meet, the two complement each other, make the plain cushion, in the sense of comfort and pressure has a natural advantage. Good comfortable feeling, simple and clean color, relax, reducing pressure and there is no lack of warm qualities, call started this taste.

The process of the combination of thick needle knitting with pure color. Coast blue cushion, echoing the ocean's open and comfortable pressure; the same section of the white, such as the sea water to beat the rock as pure spray; coral red, warm and cold color system of complementary, will bring warm colors, soft and bright.

Natural school, waiting room comfortable pressure

The unique cultural background of the west coast, with the inherent nature, the pressure of the pressure, it is high pressure in the life of the urban population needs. Harbor House as a starting point, through a small cushion, as well as its soft colors and patterns, waiting for the comfort of the room, with a sense of happiness together with nature.

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