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Gel pillow of breathable, constant temperature, insect proof and anti mites
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Gel is a solid in liquid, and its special touch is incomparable with other materials. Air permeability, constant temperature, pest control, anti mites, high viscoelasticity and ventilation and permeability make it a rare substance. This kind of material, which is very similar to the skin of the human body, is known as the "artificial skin". At present, the gel due to its good conformability, skin is widely used in the medical field, a few folk used in senior bra production and a set of inner surface, placed a little slightly gel bra price up to 1500~3000 yuan, only a few developed countries in Europe and the current will be used to produce gel bedding, as global healthy sleep is the integration of resources, investment in research and development of domestic manufacturers, invented the production process with lower cost, make the high-tech service to consumers Chinese gel pillow. Combined with the patent technology of Coolfoam and Bio gel environmental gel, better sleep quality is provided. Let Coolfoam show excellent performance.

It also makes a special contribution when we dedicate the good night to this pillow. It is gentle and water like, let us float on the surface of the water, naturally fit the head curve, let the brain achieve the best relaxation state, and create a more lasting and sweet deep sleep.

Gel due to its special property requirements we use in the process should pay special attention to maintenance, when the pillow is accidentally sticking dust, or is used for a long time to clean, we can use cloth wet wipe gently, the cleaning process should not all washed, otherwise, it will destroy the matter in its own characteristics.


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