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Correct usage of cervical vertebrae memory pillow
- Apr 25, 2017 -

The cervical spine is attached to a cylindrical surface pad at the heel of the neck near the shoulder. On the one hand, the pillow can be used for traction and stretching of the cervical vertebrae, and can prevent the two damage caused by the natural gravity of the head.

Maintenance: pillow can be washed, pillow can not be washed. Avoid exposure.

1 rest or sleep before the cervical pillow pad in the neck or pad in the back of the neck to the shoulder position.

The 2 side sleeping posture, the effect is not good, the main relief is a kind of sleeping posture under the cervical vertebra fatigue and tension, also accord with the natural habit of sleep.

3 cervical pillow 1-10 days of the pad position should be placed in the position of the posterior root of the neck, the location of the posterior root of the neck is most conducive to adaptation, and then according to their most comfortable feeling to pad.

4 days before use, if there is no habit and discomfort, may be appropriate to reduce the use of time, at bedtime and the rest of the time, the adaptability in the back of the neck pad, does not need the night pad, and other symptoms, can be pad with more time, the specific time should be in the pad self acceptance has in it.

The 5 cervical vertebra pillow in the neck with a floating feeling, head back and neck in gravity will have some normal pain and numbness, but soon habits and symptoms disappeared, the whole night pad especially night, continuous sleeping on the back have not meet the conditions of patients or we suggest two times to use every day, the whole night without continuous use, several times a day, each time the supine time not too long, if adapted, can the night sleeping on the back and side of natural sleep.

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