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Child's memory pillow
- Oct 12, 2018 -

We know that the pressure on children's learning is getting bigger and bigger. Parents can have a good academic record and a good future development for their children. With their children to participate in various cram schools, there are many schools. The children who study the task have a lot of homework in the cram school, and the pressure on learning is not small. Faced with such a heavy learning task, it is necessary to give the children a comfortable protection, so the children's memory pillow appears. The child memory pillow is a kind of pillow made of slow rebound material. Its function is not to increase people's memory, but because the commonly used pillow will form the shape of the head and neck. The child memory pillow is not good. What is the function, what is it to do, let's take a look.

What kind of material is the child's memory pillow made of? It is made of memory cotton. Memory foam is a material of the last century. It was developed by the Space Agency. It is an open structure with warm decompression. The characteristics, known as temperature-sensitive decompression materials, are commonly used in aerospace applications to relieve the pressure on astronauts and protect the astronauts' spines, especially when the space shuttle returns and leaves the ground. The pressure on the spine is the most dangerous and dangerous. To protect the safety of astronauts, NASA has invented this material and is now applied to children's memory pillows to protect children's brains.

This product uses jacquard velvet fabric, soft handfeel, no static electricity, the fabric is firm and wear-resistant, not easy to fade, good return strength, using natural latex as the pillow core, natural latex is made of rubber tree juice, physically processed by evaporation mold, no pollution No added, environmentally friendly and healthy, to protect the health of children. This latex pillow is suitable for 3-8 year old baby. It conforms to the posture and force point of the baby when sleeping, reduces the pressure, and evenly supports the head, neck and back, soft and comfortable, and protects the baby's cervical vertebra.

        high quality Knitting Memory Foam Pillow

This is a memory pillow designed for 6-16 year olds and young children. The frontal classic cervical traction wave curve design, deep repair of the cervical vertebrae, high-quality thick custom-made striped pillowcase, moisture absorption, ventilation, to maintain a dry sleep environment. The wave shape of the front high and low, the support of the cervical vertebra, whether it is sleeping, sleeping or sleeping, the curve of the wave cervical traction pillow can give the most effective support of the cervical vertebra, maintaining the most natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine. degree. The front and rear low cervical curve, ergonomic design, zero pressure imported memory pillow, relieve cervical pressure, reduce the number of turns, and quickly fall asleep.

Slow Rebound   Pillow

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