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The characteristics of memory cotton pillows

1, absorb the impact force, the pillow on the above it feels like floating on the surface of the water / cloud, the skin feels no oppression; also known as zero pressure, sometimes we use ordinary pillows to oppress the auricle, but the use of memory cotton pillows will not appear. Such

2, according to ergonomic design, memory deformation, automatic molding ability can be fixed head, reduce the pillow possibility; automatic molding ability can fill the shoulder gap properly, avoid the common problems of shoulder leakage in the shoulder, can effectively prevent the cervical problem. Such

3, anti bacteria and anti mite, slow springback sponge to inhibit the growth of mold, dispel the stimulant odor produced by mold growth, when there is sweat in the case of saliva and so on, it is more prominent. Such

4. Breathable and hygroscopic. Because each cell unit is interconnected, the hygroscopic property is excellent, and it is also breathable.

5.The difference between slow rebound memory sponge and traditional sponge: slow rebound memory sponge is a special material which is different from any sponge that has ever been touched before. The slow rebound memory sponge is a material that can be deformed according to the body temperature. When the slow rebound sea surface is pressed, it will not produce rebound force until all the pressure is dispersed evenly. When the external force is stopped, it will slowly restore its original shape. Slow rebound memory sponge is extremely sensitive to temperature and weight. It becomes softer in a warmer environment and becomes stiffer in a cooler environment.