Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

little sleepy head toddler pillow

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NameLittle Sleepy Head Toddler PillowAge group0-3 yearsSampleAvaiable
ColorGreen,PinkFilling inerPolyester
Size 32x25cm
Body partHeadUsuagesleeping


Soft cotton materials for gentle touch, Warm and strong, strong air permeability.

Reducing the risk of a flat spot forming (Plagiocephaly) in babies.
Helps to preserve the natural shape of your baby's head while provides optimum comfort.

Cute baby pillow with concave center for flat head prevention.

Use this pillow in baby's car seat, swing, stroller, crib and more.

This baby pillow can gently release the pressure from the back of the head, and is designed with precision and care to prevent flat head.

The Baby Protective Pillow is designed as a head support to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (plagioce-phaly) from 0-6 months, and for head support from 6-12 months. Pillow covers are either minky soft 100%polyester or 100% cotton, depending on the fabric design. Circular opening of the pillow cradles the back of the head while providing comfortable placement and optimal positioning.


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