Infant Head Pillow

Infant Head Pillow

infant head pillow

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NameInfant Head PillowAge groupTodderSampleAvaiable
Colorbeige,pink ,blueFilling inerMemory foamShapeRectangle
Size50*24.5*5.5/4.5cmBody partHeadUsuageBaby sleeping

FeaturesThis healthier sleeping position effectively prevent baby flat haed.
Slow recovery memory foam+skin friendly smooth fabric = A should sleep
Memory foam baby pillow can provide a perfect condition for baby's sweet sleep time.
Contour pillow supports your head and neck, distributing your weight and promoting natural spinal alignment.
Baby pillow memory foam pillow is the prescription for endless nights of sweet, painless and restful dreams .
Our Baby pillow  make baby feel breathable and baby will enjoy the memory foam pillow's ability to improve your comfort and help you get a better night's sleep.

There are many types of pillows — down, feather, memory foam, latex, synthetic fill, regular foam and Top 10 Best Luxury Pillows in 2018 - Complete Guidemany more. When it comes to luxury pillows, we found that there are limited choices. There include:

Down Pillows — Down pillows are made with down clusters or down feathers. These are the feathers found under the tougher feathers on a bird’s exterior. Pillow manufacturers usually make use of duck and/or goose feathers. There are some down pillows that are mixed with regular feathers; however, a pillow must contain at least 75% down feathers for it to be considered a down pillow.

Feather Pillows — Feather pillows use duck or goose feathers as filling. These pillows sometimes contain down clusters too. If a pillow has more than 25% feather, then it is a down-feather mix pillow and not a down pillow. If there are no down clusters in a pillow, then it’s a purely feather pillow.

Synthetic Fill Pillows — Synthetic fill pillows are usually made with polyester material. These are also ideal for allergy sufferers because of the absence of feathers.

Down Alternative Pillows — Down alternative pillows aim to mimic the comfort and feel that down pillows can offer. It uses natural or synthetic fibers that are usually hypoallergenic. Down and feather pillows can sometimes be harmful to allergy sufferers, unless classified hypoallergenic, hence the popularity of down alternatives. Furthermore, down alternative pillows are usually more affordable than real down pillows.

Memory Foam Pillows — Memory foam has become a common choice when it comes to pillows because of its ability to contour to neck and head, hence providing better support. if you want to find the best Memory Foam Pillows,contact me at

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